Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to use it for your business

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The Digital marketing is in constant evolution. Those tools and practices that until only a few years ago were productive and efficient, are rapidly being surpassed by others that are more effective and technological.

The Artificial intelligence in marketing has become a trend that collaborates greatly in the processes and actions of companies. Do you want to know how to use it to your advantage? Don't miss this note!

What's Artificial Intelligence and how does it impact on business marketing

The startup DeepMind, leader in artificial intelligence, defines it as"the science of making intelligent machines" and, although we can relate this phrase to a distant future, nothing is more wrong than that belief: AI is here to stay, it is a current reality and it is expected to revolutionize digital marketing!!

We live in a hyperconnected world our ways of relating to each other change year after year, we buy and sell products and services through the digital market being the most profitable medium today.

In this context, the tools and technologies burst into our lives daily and become essential habits of our daily life . AI invades us and, in a way, we need it.

For companies, far from dispensing with human action in the implementation of these new technologies, their objective of use is the efficiency and pro-activity that they generate in the people who use them.

These are very valuable resources to achieve the desired objectives and even the digital market hasn't reached the stage of total autonomy of artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

There are multiple benefits that this technology gives to companies: data processing, fast and accurate marketing actions, time and money savings, continuous improvement of processes, etc.

Artificial intelligence in digital marketing: Areas where you can use it

It is possible to apply AI to all processes in your company, regardless of whether it has just been launched on the market or has been in the digital arena for years. Your brand can make a leap towards profitability in all its areas if you apply this technology as soon as possible..

Let's see specifically where to do it!


Incredible as it may seem, artificial intelligence applied to marketing can work wonders. Among them, creating content for websites, social networks, blogs in a creative and 100% original way!

Some platforms like Articoolo and Wordsmith are already used by big brands that have understood the value of this technology based on optimized writing to attract traffic to their websites.

Using keywords and basic data, these tools are able to automatically create interesting and attractive content for the target audience..



You can already apply AI in the automation of the purchase of certain advertising campaigns in order to reach more specific segments. A clear example is the online system RTB (real time bidding) that facilitates the maximization of conversions, reducing the cost in an efficient and, of course, fast way without you intervening too much.



Do you want to know the real needs of your target audience to approach them effectively? Do you want to anticipate them and offer your products before they need them? Predictive analytics can help you!

Thanks to the implementation of data analysis and algorithms this intelligence determines probabilities based on historical data.

Lead Scoring is an automation system that can determine the conversion probabilities of customers according to their profile and behavior on the web. Undoubtedly a great opportunity for your company.



Surely, chatbots are the most common tool or mostly related to artificial intelligence in marketing. These communication channels are very decisive for those companies that want to increase the user experience and satisfaction in web navigation. y su satisfacción en la navegación web.

Responding to your users' demands and FAQs, in a fast and efficient way, can generate more followers and, consequently, conversions. Here is the key benefit of this technology.



Far from believing that email marketing strategies were over, artificial intelligence has come into this field to optimize them.

Many tools of this nature allow the creation of call to action, subjects and even email bodies in a fast and optimized way whose results are better than those people could generate.


There's no doubt that the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing can solve many actions of your brand, quickly and efficiently. Definitely, we cannot leave aside the revolutionary technology of our century as it has become a necessity for today's companies.

In DCG we apply AI as an efficient complement to our clients' strategies and actions.

Do you want to be one of them? Write to us and discover that your digital company can make a big jump in the market.