5 benefits of email automation

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Sending newsletters to your subscribers is already a must for every digital brand that wants to increase its ROI (Return on Investment). In this sense, email marketing must contemplate the automation of emails to go even further, saving money and time easily and effectively.

We invite you to learn everything about this topic so you can apply it to your marketing strategy.

Email automation: What's it and how is it applied?

The newsletter is an email with relevant information that's sent sporadically to a list of subscribers, through an email provider.

However, nowadays "autoresponders" (emails sent automatically to the user who performs a certain action on a website) have become successful tools.

This is information that's created only once and can be sent automatically when a person performs the action that has been defined. For example: a welcome mail.

This has generated greater needs for digital brands in terms of successful email marketing strategies and numerous platforms have begun to provide services that collaborate on this issue.

Can you imagine the work involved in writing a welcome email every time a user subscribes to your newsletter? With the massive sending that makes possible the automation of emails , the hours of work wasted because you're going to:

  • Send the right and totally personalized email.
  • In the right moment.
  • To the right user.
  • With the relevant information according to the specific action he made to trigger your email.

When we send the right information to the right person, without a doubt the opening and click rate is much higher, which will save you time and money!!

However, for this strategy to be really efficient, you will have to understand the importance of having a good list of subscribers. Without it, you're going to lose your efforts: It's useless to have 10,000 subscribers if more than half don't open your emails. Optimizing this action will be the bridge to the success of your conversions.

Pasos para generar una correcta automatización 

  1. The first step consists of what we have mentioned above: To have a good list of subscribers and that implies to avoid the purchases of the same ones. It has been proven that this action is useless. What's effective is that through specific actions based on improving the user experience, you achieve your own target.
  2. Diagram the objectives of your digital brand so that your email marketing actions are concrete and focused on them.
  3. Create an action plan: how many emails you want to send, what action will activate them, what's the content they will have.
  4. Choose a provider that suits you. To do this it will be essential that you analyze among several, read carefully the possibilities and various plans that can give you to fit your budget and needs.
  5. Plan the sequence of emails you're going to send and the triggers (shots or specific actions taken by your users) that are going to activate it.
  6. Perform the necessary tests before activation, to ensure that everything works perfectly.
  7. Measure your results, always! This is the only way to optimize your strategies.



Surely you can imagine the many benefits that the automation of your emails can generate for your company. But, just in case, we share with you the most valuable ones:

  • You will be able to create relevant and personalized content.
  • Sent in the same instant that users activate your triggers.
  • For the right people, avoiding spam and the decrease in the opening of your email.
  • You will have great chances to convert leads into customers.
  • The conversational relationship with your customers will be successful and deeper.
  • You will increase your brand recognition.


A company's time and budget are some of its most precious resources. With the automation of emails you will have them protected, thanks to strategies that will improve the efficiency of your company. Do you want to know other actions to improve your conversions? Contact us and let's start working together!