We Help E-commerce Companies

make intelligent decisions

using the power of Deep-data-Analytics.

Transforming data into valuable information
to make decisions across multiple companies

+80 customers: USA, Latam and Europe.


is capping your growth.

Your E-commerce depends heavily on the data generated daily to make good decisions. The problem is that isolated data alone are bad advisors. Your data has a story to tell where being able to cross-reference and understand it is vital. At DCG we help you transform data into actionable information.

Real success stories

The result of our Deep-data-Analytics process allows us to optimize the main customer acquisition flows in the first 2 weeks, achieving an optimization in the acquisition cost, improving the attribution to each channel and, on the other hand, building a solid long-term growth plan.

E-commerce for the Fashion segment - 1400% growth after working with us.

E-commerce for the Retail segment - 12-week program, increased its turnover x5 compared to its previous agency.

E-commerce for the Kitchen retail segment - They tripled their sales in just 3 weeks of operation with our agency.

E-commerce of the Retail segment- Results after 2 weeks of work, turnover grew and climbed x4. 

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