Best content marketing tools

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Content marketing is one of the trends that in 2018 will continue to star in companies' strategies. For that reason, it becomes so essential to design pieces of content that are at the forefront. To the point of capturing the user's attention and attracting them to your brand's website.

In this way, to create quality content you must use the best tools on the market. Which bring together a series of ideal functionalities to personalize and highlight the value of an informative piece.

For this reason, we created this list with the best content marketing tools that you should not overlook.

Content marketing: best tools on the market

In this digital age in which we are immersed, users seek to find truthful and valuable content. Beyond the common commercial strategies that, of course, are only dedicated to selling the products and / or services of a brand. Without giving greater importance to the content that its users consume the most.

Hence, a series of tools have been created that seek to streamline the process of designing an informative piece. And although each of them offers different features and functions, creating value for users is still the main purpose.

In this way, let's see what are the tools that could help you boost your content marketing:


Without a doubt, it is one of the best tools when you want to create images with exclusive designs. For this reason, it is usually the great ally of brands. Well, beyond creating images, endless pieces of content can be designed. From interactive presentations to attractive infographics. And the best of all is that it allows you to adapt the formats according to the social network or the web in which you want to share.

Definitely, these characteristics and functionalities have made it the most used tool in the business world.


It is a platform that allows contact between brands and influencers and content generators . So it becomes the ideal site when you want to find valuable information pieces created by content marketers.

Likewise, in Coobis you can also find experts in attracting and converting ordinary users into potential leads. And this, only through the generation content that matches the profile of each user. In addition, you will have access to functions that will allow you to measure the achievement of the metrics and set out objectives.

Landing Optimizer

Creating an attractive landing is essential for your users to convert faster. In this way, Landing Optimizer is Mdirector's software where you can create professional landing page. It is a very simple platform to use, in just a matter of minutes you will have a high quality piece.


It is an ideal platform to design infographics, posters, reports and presentations. So it has a wide variety of free templates, although you can create your own designs.

Piktochart is a tool in which you can combine texts and images in order to make the reading process more attractive for the users. So if you want to inform, but at the same time keep the attention of the target audience, on this platform you can do it.


It's a tool specialized in content marketing, where you can add links to images and videos. Plus, you can easily create interactive sites, infographics, maps, blogs, presentations, and other varieties of content. And all this, aimed at the same goal: increase the percentage of visits and encourage user interaction.


Content marketing continues to position itself as a fundamental strategy to position a brand on the web. So build on the ideal tools to boost your reach.

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