Essential elements to create a successful landing page

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Creating a successful landing page is a critical step in increasing conversion rates. And although there are different types of landing, they all always seek the same goal: attract, retain and convert . For what a good landing page has to be really effective to reach a larger audience.

Do you know how to do it? we made a list with a series of basic and essential elements that every landing page must include.

Keys to success creating a landing page

If you want to get your users to click on the action button, you must create an attractive landing. So let's see how you can do it:

Diseñar una cabecera atrayente

The header is the first thing the user will see when entering your landing. Therefore, when creating a landing page you should make sure to design a first image that attracts. In addition, you must clearly explain what your objective is, so that both the message and the style and design must match. In order for the user to pay attention to the header, but not deviate from the purpose of the page.

Likewise, elements such as the size of the title and the typeface must be balanced with the rest of the message . It is the central part that will make the user decide to continue reading. For that reason, you should place it at the top, and include the keyword with which the user used to get to your website .

This is very important, otherwise your bounce rate will significantly increase, and the user may think that it is not what they were looking for.

Include a short and straight foward caption

Keep in mind that the lines you write when creating a landing page should captivate the user to the point of leading them to click on the action button . Therefore, it is better to be direct and brief, otherwise you will bore him and end up scaring him away. Therefore, opt for a short, descriptive subtitle.

Use high resolution images

Visual content is one of the most used SEO practices , since images tend to impact more than text . A picture is worth more than a thousand words. So you will have to show off with quality images, with a perfect resolution.

To create a successful landing page, the design must be in coordination with the rest of the elements. Including images, which must be related to the title of the landing page and its purpose , at the same time that they impact the user.

La idea es despertar el interés del usuario, llamar su atención e invitarlo a llegar a la acción.

Call to action button

It is the only button with which the user will interact with the brand. Therefore, it must be spacious, clean and in a color in which it won't get lost in the design of the page. These elements should be simple so as not to saturate the user's view. And as for its location, do several tests and place it in a place where it harmonizes with the design.

Include testimonials

The more proof you give of the credibility of your brand, the greater the interest of the user. So when creating a landing page try to include testimonials or success stories that attest to your good work. It will be the perfect push to persuade the user and motivate him even more to click on the action button.

Create a short form

The form must be straigh foward and short. The idea is to awaken the interest of the user to share their personal information with the brand. So focus on requesting only the data that is really necessary.


Create a successful landing page based on the elements mentioned above!

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