Relevance among thousands of e-mails

Email Marketing Campaigns

An average user receives more than 20 e-mails daily, which most of them are automatically dismissed to the spam checkbox and only a minimum amount gets the recipient to be interested on the content. This is because the applied segmentation is not the appropriate one on each case and the created pieces turn out unattractive.

We generate Email Marketing campaigns under a simple and clear model: a specially adapted piece for your specific audience, with an appropriate message and a compelling value proposal to make the recipients act.

campañas email marketing

Quality in the entire process

The determinant factors to secure the high effectivity of an Email Marketing campaign has to do with the segmentation of the data base, the value of what is communicated and the sending method of the chosen emails. 

Our process is focused on whoever receives the email feels is being sent specially, generating interest in your product or service. At the same time, we make sure that the messages meet the demanded criteria by the main servers in order to avoid the email to be considered as spam. This comprehensive approach of the process assures us a high delivery, openness and conversation rates.

Creative Development

We create messages with the right balance of information and graphic, which highlight the message that needs to be communicated and the call for action.

Programmatic Content

We develop a periodic sending planification to keep your clients, and potential clients, active with a well-defined value proposal.

Clear Goals

Our campaigns are measure based on the impact they generate on your business.

Technology in the sending

Campaigns are sent through a special server for this task, which assures complete statistics that do not results in spam assignation.

Email Marketing Campaigns

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