4 steps to create a successful email marketing strategy

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If you're starting to promote your brand, a correct email marketing strategy shouldn't be missing from your campaign. The secret to obtaining profitable results lies in nothing less than standing out!

If you're wondering how you can be different from the competition with this messaging tool, don't miss this note and take advantage of our tips to put them into practice and succeed!

What's an email marketing strategy and what do you need to carry it out

When we talk about email marketing we refer to an extremely powerful and effective tool to establish a direct communication with customers.

Although on more than one occasion it was thought that its time of profitability had expired, email marketing strategies have been adapted to modern times, achieving a decisive role in obtaining brand reputation, sales, loyalty, etc.

What you must take into account when you start applying this communication is:

  • To have some application that helps you to manage your messaging campaigns. There are a hundred platforms that, in an easy and simple way, will allow you to organize your emails, make filters, measurements and much more.
  • Have a good strategy in mind. Without a correct planning of your mission, objectives and desirable results, you won't reach a good conclusion! So, you must pay a lot of attention to this point.
  • Spend time thinking of new creative ways to communicate with your customers or potential buyers. The technological revolution, the emergence of new social networks and communications between users and sellers, has changed significantly. Being at the forefront of these issues will be a point in your favor to stand out in your messages.


4 Essential steps for a profitable email marketing strategy

Before communicating you've to visualize! This means that, before launching our email marketing campaign, it will be essential to diagram and idealize how our readers will receive our message, what they will feel and do when they open it.

To achieve this and get a good reception, put into practice these 4 steps that we share below:


Taking into account WHAT you're going to communicate and WHO you're going to address your message to, is key!

Having a target or a specific objective will allow you to determine what you're looking to achieve (spread a promotion, launch a startup, sell, obtain data, etc.) and and determine who your potential customers areadapting your form of communication to them (it won't be the same to target a certain age group or another group that has consumed your products to the detriment of another that doesn't yet know your brand).


A good email marketing strategy mustn't lack empathy for the reader who will receive the message, so that the communication is the right one and allows us to obtain good results.

To achieve this you've to "put yourself in their shoes", answering questions such as:

  • What would you like to know about your favorite brand?
  • How does an email attract your attention?
  • What colors, literary style, phrases, define your brand and attract?

Without a doubt, there are several actions that are always profitable: raffles, contests, discounts, surveys and opinionsAs well as the use of videos, emojis and photos with good quality.


If you don't control the amount of emails you send, your email marketing strategy can go overboard! Don't forget that there's only a second difference between opening an interesting email or discarding it in your pending or spam folder.

No one likes to receive communication until they're fed up, so setting specific dates for your mailingsis ideal.

You can choose to send monthly, frequently and optimally, unless you've to provide too much information. To do this, 1 email a fortnight can be effective. You should also not forget the day and time when you will send your mail..


There's no one better than you to organize and create the content you want to send to your readersYou will know what's important to mention, the discounts you want to include or the communication strategies that make your brand sell and build loyalty.

That's what creating your own content is all about. You will make your mark.


Without a doubt creating an email marketing strategy takes time, money and more time! Diagramming the planning of the sending, creating the content and generating measurements that allow you to evaluate the results, is usually complex but never impossible.

The secret lies in good initial planning. If you want to know how we can help you generate successful email marketing strategies, contact us and let's start working together on your new campaign!




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