Lead nurturing & lead scoring: pillars in inbound marketing

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Inbound marketing techniques have gradually become more relevant. In this sense, lead nurturing and lead scoring are two digital marketing automation tactics. Which allow us, among other things, to classify leads according to their level of interest. As well as nurturing them with relevant information. However, as they are similar terms, many brands tend to confuse them and assume them with the same operation.

For this reason, on this article we will discuss in detail what each term refers to and why they are so important.

What is lead scoring?

It is an inbound marketing process through which potential users are classified and valued according to their degree of interest. As well as the level of interest that this lead has for our brand.

In short, lead scoring is about ordering the database in order to serve mainly those leads that are more interested in our product or service. And, of course, that are closer to making a purchase.

For this classification, the following factors must be considered:

  • Level of interaction with the brand.
  • Sociodemographic characteristics.

And the main motto of lead scoring is the same as inbound marketing: do not treat all users in the same way. And much less provide repetitive content. Well, not everyone has the same level of interest in the same products and / or services, nor the same needs and interests.

Therefore, this strategy allows companies to classify leads in order to focus their efforts on those who are closest to becoming customers. And of course, give way to lead nurturing to interact more directly with each interested user.

What is lead nurturing?

This inbound marketing strategy focuses on preparing and maturing qualified leads in lead scoring, in order to encourage them to purchase a product and / or service . Therefore, the brand must accompany them throughout the purchase cycle through content according to each phase of the funnel.

At this point you may send to your leads different materials such as: emails, ebooks, coupons, invitations to product demos, personalized offers...

Likewise, lead nurturing has the purpose of creating a bond of trust between the user - brand, by sharing valuable information. And, of course, it also aims to position the brand as the best alternative to a process purchase decision. In order to stand out from the competition.

Lead scoring and lead nurturing: essential pillars in an inbound marketing strategy

Both terms are a deciding factor in an inbound marketing strategy.

Lead scoring focuses on making an initial diagnosis of the database, in order to assess the leads that have a higher level of interest for the brand. And, for its part, lead nurturing allows you to follow previously classified leads throughout the purchase process. So it is based on delivering more personalized information according to their level of interaction with the brand.

So, Which of the two techniques should you start with? YOU MUST START WITH LEAD SCORING! You can't provide all users with content without even knowing who are really interested in your brand. And, therefore, also in your products and / or services.

And What are the advantages of both techniques? Mainly, getting to know your potential users better, increase your chances of converting them and create a more loyal potential community.


Inbound marketing is a strategy that promises innovation and constant update. Marketers ... stay tuned!