Social media statistics that every brand should know

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Social networks are here to stay in people's daily lives. So they have also become an important part of the communication media of a company. Now a days a brand that is not on the internet does not exist.

80% Of users search the web before making a purchase decision , according to a study conducted by Deloitte. Hence, the growth of social platforms has exploded on a large scale in the last five years. And more, with the emergence of new networks that seek to stay with the throne of the market.

But how does this affect companies? In this post we will tell you the most recent statistics of social platforms in the first quarters of 2018.

Social networks: 2018 statistics that every brand should know

64% of marketers use data from social platforms to improve their digital marketing techniques . And according to a study conducted by Global Web Indez in 2017, an internet user has approximately 8 social media accounts.

You can get an idea of how influential social interaction platforms are, at this time. But for a better understanding, let's look at the individual statistics of each social network.

On this occasion, we will base ourselves on the study carried out by the companies We are Social and Hootsuite, Digital in 2018: World’s Internet users pass the 4 billion mark :


For the month of January 2018, Facebook closed its monthly registration with 2,167 million active users , approximately. About 80% of users visit the platform every day. So a constant digital presence of brands would significantly increase their reach.

Furthermore, considering the same study, 95.1% of active Facebook users use mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) to access their profile . Which further highlights the relevance of designing a responsive social media profile.


Until the end of January 2018, YouTube had more than 1,500 active users in the month. In addition to being the portal that receives the most traffic compared to other platforms, as 88% of users in the network visit YouTube.

What is the benefit for brands? The incredible functionalities that this platform has, as well as its wide segmentation, allows a brand to offer personalized content according to the individual interests and tastes of its target audience.


Instagram, for its part, by January 2018 had more than 800 million active users per month . In addition, 53% of users follow their favorite brands through this social network.

In this way, Instagram has become one of the social networks that has grown exponentially. And, currently, it has incorporated new functionalities that allow brands to link a certain hashtags and a website to their profile.

Not for nothing 94% of the main companies in the world have a profile on Instagram .


Although this social network has gradually decreased, Twitter has more than 320 million active users in a month. In addition, 50% of registered users follow some brand.

And even when it is growing slowly, many users still trust it. Most of all, because information can be seen in real time on this social network.


This social network slowed its growth after Instagram launched its “stories” functionality. As of January 2018, Snapchat has about 255 million active users in a month.

And it is still the favorite of young people thanks to its incredible filters and functionalities. Therefore, brands oriented to this sector must continue to consider it in their digital strategy.


Una marca que realmente desea incrementar su posicionamiento y visibilidad, debe crear un perfil en las redes sociales donde esté su audiencia objetivo.

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