Most demanded digital marketing profiles

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The way of doing business is constantly evolving, and with it, business communication is also adopting new changes. So little by little new professional profiles have emerged around digital marketing, so as to be able to meet the new needs.

And although previously business communication was only based on traditional channels, the new technological era has created new vacancies in the digital world . Therefore, brands must be aware of which new professionals they must integrate into their marketing department.

Do you already know which vacancies we are talking about? Go on reading!

6 professional digital marketing profiles that have become essential

And just as marketing has evolved, so has professional demand. Take a look at the new job proposals on the market:

Community Manager

Managing the digital presence of a brand has become essential, a Community Manager knows very well how to do it. This professional digital marketing profile is in charge of managing the different social networks of the brand. In addition, it interacts with users in order to create a potential virtual community.

Content Marketing

Content is king. Have you heard it? A digital strategy cannot work if the right content is not integrated for the right audience at the right time.

And that, precisely, is part of the work of a Content Marketing expert. In other words, designs valuable content pieces adapting to the ideal user profile. In order to create a loyalty relationship between users and the brand.

Digital Manager

This professional is in charge of managing all the digital tasks of a brand. In other words, it manages the online database, assumes the roles of a graphic designer, improves the communication channels of a brand ... in short, it controls all activities related to digital marketing. In order to improve your positioning and visibility.

And the Digital Manager is also the ideal professional to take a brand into the digital world if you haven't already done so.

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that has become more relevant in recent years. Its main purpose is to forge a relationship of loyalty and trust with the user, through valuable content. In order to answer their questions and mark a differential value.

Therefore, an inbound marketing professional designs tenuous strategies based on the profile of the potential user. And most of all, considering the interests of the target audience to deliver suitable content.

SEM & SEO Specialist

The mere fact of appearing in the top positions of search engines has become the desire of many companies. So they turn to a professional to develop SEM and SEO strategies, respectively.

The SEM technique includes paid advertising services offered by search engines. For example, Google AdWords. And here, the specialist is in charge of managing the advertising campaign in order to preserve the economic resources of the company.

SEO technique means to position your content on search engines without paying. It is about optimizing the web in general including the most competitive keywords, links (incoming and outgoing) ... A specialist knows very well how to perfect a web organically.

Traffic Manager

Y finalmente, otra de las profesiones que ha resaltado en torno al marketing digital es el Traffic Manager. Este es el responsable de analizar y evaluar las tendencias del tráfico recibido. Así como plantear estrategias respecto a tales tendencias, a fin de potenciar y lograr los objetivos propuestos. Por ejemplo, aumentar las ventas, crecer en vistas, interacciones…


El marketing digital todavía tiene mucho por crecer y evolucionar… esperemos las próximas novedades del mercado.

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