What is conversational commerce and how to apply it to your business

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The Conversational commerce can help boost your business by allowing you to interact with your clients in real-time and in an efficient way. You will be able to answer key questions from your costumers with a direct impact on your sales. permitiendo interacciones con tus clientes de forma inmediata y eficaz en cuanto a ventas y consultas claves se refiere.

Have you still not tried the benefits of it? Don't worry! We will explain to you everything you need to know, to apply it on your marketing strategy!


What is conversational commerce an what are the benefits?

Every year, when it seems we have everything under control and we start to get along with technology, a new trend comes up completly changing the rules and setting a new path to reach success in a competitive digital world.

In this context, e-commerce have revolutionized sales world introducing a new trend that has already settled: Conversational Commerce

This means chatting in real-time with costumers, using messages and interfaces such as voice apps. This makes it for brands to conversate straight with their costumers, getting to know their doubts and troubles.

Now a days, we find conversational marketing strategies on Facebook, Whatsapp, Messeger and responsive websites. This sites have incorporated this strategy to boost their sales and answer the questions of potential clients.

Many recent studies show users prefer message systems pushed by artificial intelligence. A good example would be the company One Reach, they conducted a study that showed that 64% os users prefer chatbots solutions in text rather than calling to consult something.

Without a doubt this style of messages brings closer costumers and brands, offering multiple advantages for the company:

  • You can apply it to any sector that has an e-commerce.
  • Highly improves conversion rates and costumer satisfaction, since answers are automatic and super fast! ya que las respuestas son automáticas y, por ello, ¡súper rápidas!
  • You have a messaging system open 24 hs.
  • To cost of implementing this strategy is relatively low compared to the excellent results that you obtain.
  • You may set up the service in a way the conversation is way more personlized and empathetic with the costumer.


How to use conversational commerce for your advantage


For this messaging strategy to provide growth to your brand in a near future and generate profitability, you will have to contemplate certain aspects before requesting it to your marketing agency. Take note!

  1. THE MESSAGING SYSTEM SHOULD BE ACCESIBLE. You may have the best chatbot in the world but if the user doesn't feel comfortable or can access easily to it, you won't have positive results.

In this sense, it must be artificial intelligent! For this you need to think how this can collaborate in an efficient costumer attention service providing a truly optimized support.

  1. INFORMATION IS ESSENTIAL. The first step to enter the world of conversational commerce will be to establish certain goals for this service.

This means, the key is to determine the information that your messaging system needs to learn and the information that it should collect from the users, for future metrics to be analyzed. With this information you will be able to segmentate your audience for future campaigns.

  1. PERSONLIZED AND NATURAL ATTENTION. It's imporatant to assure the chatbot has an intuitive conversation, and knows how to interact in a correct and natural way with potential costumers. This will facilitate the user experience and affect your reputation in a positive way.


There is no doubt that conversational commerce is the key for your digital growth.

On top of this, is essential to continuosly follow the new trends and strategies that may appear in the digital marketing world.

No te olvides que Don't forget that adding new technology trends will help you reach the success you are hoping for..

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