We Guarantee A 140% ROAS Using Our
Agressive Paid Traffic Program

DCG consistently scales clients
by 10x in 90 days or less.

When it is time to scale, the fastest way to do it is via aggressive paid traffic.

We help our clients by running hyper profitable campaigns that slice through the industry noise, cut deep inside your ideal customer, and motivate them to buy and at which point they turn into a brand enthusiast and have a high return rate.

A $200% increase in 90 days is very achievable when you use a high converting paid traffic funnel. (funnel structure, excellent copy and creative, avatar driven targeting and correctly structured paid traffic campaigns) with a product that has a strong unique selling proposition and a high product-market-fit.

Grow your business
with digital marketing

We are a 100% performance based agency. There is no sign-up fee to join our aggressive paid traffic program so there’s no risk involved. 

Almost $
in 7 days

We provide the two biggest levers you can pull for E-commerce: creative design and ad copywritters. We Assure that those 2 components are operating at the highest level possible so our clients could be  hyper profitable at severe scale.


We have found a faster and more efficient way to hyper grow and in order to get and additional 1.000.000  in less than 7 days we utilise a  process that ONLY works in conjunction with our Aggressive Paid Traffic Program. 

So, if you would like to start adding 6 Figures per week in unmatched revenue, book a time to speak below and we will share all our secrets.

Due to the amount of work it takes to customise the Aggressive Paid Traffic program for new clients, we can only accept a handful of new accounts each month. 

Apply to schedule a deep-dive session into your business.

The Whole Package

DCG offers backend re-marketing strategies,
irresistible offers and much more.


Because we are a 100% performance based agency.

So, if we can get you an extra 1 – 3% conversion rate within your sales process, it’ll make our advertising much more successful.

Our highest converting clients (clients who have a $100k+/month return on ad spend) have the same thing in common. They all have: product-market-fit, backend remarketing, irresistible offers and product quality in place with our Aggressive Paid Traffic Program


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More than 4M in 3 months

$560.150 => $866.000

$700.000 => $1.122.200

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Google Ads Campaigns Results

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